Section 214 of the Constitution requires the Auditor-General to report at least once every fiscal year to the Parliament on the Public Accounts of PNG and on the control of, and on transactions with or concerning, public monies and property of PNG. Further, Section 123 (8) of the Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local-level Governments requires me to furnish audit reports on Provincial and Local-level Governments each year. These reporting responsibilities are fulfilled by the preparation of four compendium financial audit reports annually, named Part 1 to 4.


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The Auditor-General also conducts other audits, such as performance audits and special reviews and investigations. These reports are presented to the Parliament as appropriate. 


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Under the Organic Law on Certain Constitutional Office Holders and Section 27 of the Audit Act, the Auditor-General is required annually to present a report on the work and operation of the Office along with the Office’s audited financial statements. 


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Audit reports can only be made public once they have been presented to, and tabled in Parliament. This can only occur when Parliament is sitting. The AGO will place all tabled reports on the AGO website under this Publications section once advice is received the reports have been tabled.


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