Performance Audit and Special Review Reports


The primary functions of the Auditor-General are to inspect and audit, and to report at least once in every fiscal year to the Parliament on the public accounts of Papua New Guinea, and on the control of and on transactions with or concerning the public moneys and property of Papua New Guinea.

The full scope of government auditing includes performance audit and special reviews. Performance auditing is an independent examination of the efficiency and effectiveness of government undertakings, programs or organizations, with due regard to economy, and the aim of leading to improvements. Performance audits play an important role in improving the administration and management practices of public sector entities.



Report No. 1:  The Effectiveness of Solid Waste Management in Papua New Guinea

Report No. 2:  Access to Safe Drinking Water in the National Capital District

Report No. 3:  District Services Improvement Program

Report No. 4:  Management and Reporting of Trust Accounts

Report No. 5:  Review of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) Project

Report No. 6: Budget Appropriations and Warrant Authority

Report No. 7: The Effectiveness of the Management of the Log Export Development Levy in Papua New Guinea 

Report No. 8: Service Delivery Performance in the Provinces of New Ireland and Milne Bay - 1 Jaunary 2013 to 31 December 2014 

Report No. 9: Performance Audit on Land Geographic Information System Upgrade

Report No. 10: Church-Run Health Services

Report No. 11: Service Improvement Programs

Report No. 12: Tuition Fee Free Policy 2012 - 2018

Report No. 13: Gazelle District Service Improvement Program 2007 - 2016



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